Desktop as a Service

With our CloudTop Desktop as a Service Solution, users can store data and applications in the cloud, with the ability to access it anywhere, at any time.
From your Laptop, Desktop, Apple iPad, iPhone, or Android you can access your desktop and applications, including Microsoft office, Sage and Gold Mine.

Either your entire desktop or individual applications can be presented to users, while their data stays safely protected and backed up on the hosted servers.

This is an excellent solution for reducing desktop management, aiding home/mobile working and securing the location of your sensitive data. Your staff can remain productive, whether they are able to make it to the office or not. This solution can be a strong addition to your Cloud Business Server solution, providing you with a complete virtual desktop environment.

Why DaaS?
CloudTop will provide your business with these benefits:
  • 24 x 7 access to your desktop
  • Access to full technical support
  • No Capital Outlay
  • Secure Access from anywhere
  • Centralised file storage with critical data backed up
  • Use of the most up to date Microsoft Office products
  • Use of non-Microsoft applications such as Sage, Quick Books, or other business software

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