Software developer hosting

Do you want to deploy your software through the Cloud?

With virtualDCS, software hosting and ISV services have never been more accessible.

Software Hosting solutions from virtualDCS have been designed specifically for independent software vendors, with an aim to launch your software into the cloud and to help you gain new business.

How does Software hosting work?
We’re dedicated to helping make Software as a Service work for your business.
Software hosting

In order to decide on the best ISV hosting model for you, we’ll sit down together and have an initial conversation around your software and how it works, both front and back end.

We’re proud to say that we take the time to listen to our ISV customers to understand how they can utilise cloud computing within their organisation.

After this, we explore application hosting; working out the best way to technically present your software to new customers. We’ll then put your software on our platform and thoroughly test the solution before going live.

Why would cloud software hosting work for me?
There are infinite benefits to delivering your software to customers on our platform.
software as a service

As well as reaching new customers, you’ll be able to speed up your sales process, protect your intellectual property and grow your contractual revenue, all simply from utilising a new software model.

Software as a Service enablement studies show that software customers prefer renting rather than buying outright. Not only does it lead to more manageable cash flow, but they can also access the software anywhere they want, helping users to work on the move.

To make it even easier for you to take a leap and try our SaaS solution, we will take you from concept to implementation for FREE.

We’ll even give you a free 30 day trial of our solution, on our platform. What have you got to lose? All we ask for is that you pick up the phone.

Are you ready to get SaaSed?

For more information or to sign up to our Software as a Service enablement package, contact us today.