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virtualDCS expands its support team after a surge in demand

After phenomenal growth in the last financial year, cloud computing experts virtualDCS now welcome Keiran Miller to the technical department, with further plans to extend the sales division imminently.

Keiran has now joined virtualDCS in his new role as a technical engineer, having started his career as an apprentice. After moving up the corporate ladder in his previous position, he wanted a new challenge with the cloud experts. Keiran will now be working directly with customers to ensure that their transition to the cloud is as smooth as possible.

cloud computing experts

From left to right: Keiran Miller and head of support, Ross Devine.

“I’ve heard nothing but good things about the team and it’s an incredibly welcoming place to be.

I’m looking forward to developing new skills on top of what I learned in my previous role and I’m particularly interested in how they’re revolutionising Disaster Recovery solutions, with technology such as Veeam.

So far, everything is going great and I’m just ready to see where my new role takes me.”

Phenomenal growth

“Thanks to the hard work of our employees the company has only grown since its conception and last year proved to be particularly successful for the team.

Customers are at the heart of our business, we want to make their lives easier and give them the best experience so we’re pleased to welcome Keiran to the company.” Said Richard May, managing director of virtualDCS.

For more information on virtualDCS and Business Continuity solutions contact us on 03453888327, visit or email

Infographic: A history of Ransomware

Have you ever wondered where Ransomware came from? Our latest Infographic reveals this and so much more.

What was the first recorded example of Ransomware and how was it administered?  When did it officially become ‘Ransomware as a Service?’

How was this technology spread before the Internet? These are just a few of the questions commonly asked around the latest business threat.

We’ve created this infographic to answer these common queries, but if there’s anything else you’d like to know feel free to contact the team using the contact form below.


a brief history of ransomware

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Why should you Backup Microsoft Office 365?

Even though Microsoft aims to offer an ‘always accessible’ service, the one thing it doesn’t provide is a comprehensive backup solution.

There’s a common misconception that Microsoft automatically backs up Microsoft Office 365 data, but the truth is that Microsoft only offers the very limited protection of a recycle bin and mail box preserver feature.

Recent industry reports tell us that 70% of data lost from Software as a Service applications is due to accidental deletion, or through the malicious deletion of files by end users.

We’ll tell you more about these features below, but the bottom line is if an IT manager isn’t backing up information independently, they’re simply leaving data at risk. It is the organisation’s responsibility to protect the information directly and the only way to do this is with a hybrid solution.


Standard Microsoft Office 365 tools aren’t enough

Microsoft allows the business administrator to customise the organisation’s data retention period within a recycle bin before the data is automatically deleted. Although this feature allows the data to be retained for longer it will use up disk space rapidly and create considerable expense.

Another protection feature provided through Microsoft Office 365 is the ability to preserve a mailbox for a period of time when a user leaves the organisation. If this is not retained before the user leaves, or if the user decides to manually empty all folders the information is permanently lost.


An alternative solution – Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365

For any Microsoft Office 365 customers looking to protect their data, we’re more than happy to recommend Veeam Cloud Connect. As a Veeam partner, we’ve seen first-hand on many, many occasions how powerful the backup solution is.

Working together, we can help you to:
  • Take control of your Microsoft office 365 data
  • Reduce time and effort restoring your emails
  • Migrate email data between Microsoft Office 365 and on-premise Exchange
  • Protect against data loss scenarios that aren’t covered by Microsoft’s recycle bin or preserve mailbox facilities.


You can read more here or contact the team below for more information and a free 30 day trial of Veeam Cloud Connect. Together we can protect the information vital to your business.

virtualdcs disaster recovery awareness

virtualDCS is a pawsome place to work

One of the many reasons I love working at virtualDCS is that we can combine all of our different hobbies and interests into the tasks that we complete every day.

As long as it connects to our company values (and doesn’t make too much of a mess!) the directors are open to all suggestions. To make the most of this, each quarter we now have a different theme that radiates through our office, website and social media.

These themes and events are suggested and voted for by the virtualDCS team, so everyone gets involved. Last quarter we had a giveaway to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with Veeam… this quarter we’re inviting our faithful pets into the workplace! 

Each day, more and more animals are being welcomed into the office and with studies confirming that their presence relieves stress in the workplace, why wouldn’t we want our pampered pets with us at work?

How does pet protection and Disaster Recovery combine?

This idea sparked a discussion around if it was actually plausible to bring our animals to work, and ensure their safety in the office – could we keep them safe and content?

virtualdcs disaster recovery awareness

Obviously we don’t want anything but wagging tails and happy squeaks. It made us wonder how many companies actually include office animals in their disaster recovery plan.

In the event of a natural disaster hitting the office, such as office fire or flood, staff safety and data protection are the first thoughts, but where do our animal assistants fit in now they are on the rise?

How do businesses protect these animals from physical and psychological harm? After all, the Animal Welfare Act places a duty of care on people to ensure they take reasonable steps in all the circumstances to meet the welfare needs of their animals.

We decided that office pets also need to be included in the disaster recovery plan and that DR should be about more than just protecting data when a disaster strikes.

It was a unanimous vote where we decided that for the next few months, while we promote our own Disaster Recovery services we’ll also promoting the importance pet protection in a DR plan.

You can help! Join the fun on our Twitter feed.

As an animal mad, self-confessed crazy cat lady, I’m over the moon that we’ve introduced a new pet focus to the office and to kick off our new campaign, we’re having our first official bring your pet to work week!

From the 30th April until the 4th of May, team members will be bringing a different animal assistant into the office each day.

We also want all of our friends and followers to join in the fun, so we’ll be posting regular updates, pictures and office antics on our Twitter profile. We’re also going to be hosting a few competitions, one of which will be to find the best ‘animal assistant’.

You can join in with this, our first competition, by following us on Twitter @virtualDCS, where if you retweet the pinned post and send us a picture of your pet helping you at work or generally causing mayhem.

There are also plans for a caption competition and a ‘guess the number of’ game, so there’s no limit to the cute companions that can be entered… slime, fur and scales are all welcome!

Ready to get started? Just visit our Twitter profile and look out for our posts

13 is lucky for some! Meet our competition winner

Congratulations to Ian McGregor Brown for winning a brand new coffee machine in our celebration competition.

We’re happy to announce that Ian from Leeds was the lucky entrant to win the main prize draw and is now enjoying a good cuppa coffee (or several) from the virtualDCS team. 

Ian was the 13th entrant to the competition, proving that the number 13 is lucky for some.

In case you didn’t know, the Twitter giveaway was created to celebrate 10 years of collaboration with Veeam. 10 years on, virtualDCS is now one of the most established Veeam Cloud Recovery providers in Europe and one of the very first businesses to offer Veeam Cloud Connect solutions to the masses.

Ian told us:

“I’m so delighted to win. I’ve followed virtualDCS on Twitter for a while now as the team are great and they post some really useful things, around technology and business trends. I saw the competition pop up and I thought I may as well enter, what’s the worst that could happen? My track record on winning competitions is zero, so what a great surprise it was when Nikki called me!”

Although Ian was the lucky winner, we also had a number of fantastic entries that are worth noting!

From dog mugs to fabulous affirmations, here are some of our favourites. 


Richard May, Managing Director of virtualDCS said:

“Hitting our 10th year of partnership gives us a chance to look back and reflect on the innovative solutions that the partnership has brought to the market and really celebrate the achievements of our team.  Veeam continues to be a focus for us and we’re excited to see what other unique solutions we can create together to help protect customer data.”

If you’re not a winner, don’t worry, we’ve got more competitions in the pipeline and we’re still offering free Veeam cloud connect trials. If you’d like to find out more or to claim your free trial, simply use the form below or contact the team on 03453 888 327.

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