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21st century technology trends

21st century technology trends

When historians and students look back on the 21st century, what will they list as the highlights? Wearable cloud technology?

Wars, natural disasters and political turning points will naturally always be the main features of any history book, but what will be said about cloud computing technology and our technological developments?

If the Internet was the technology height of the 20th century, what will the highlights of the 21st be?

Wearable technology

wearable cloud technologyMany predict that that wearable technology will be the next big turning point and will be some of the most important interconnected objects. In addition to appliances and property such as cars and mobile phones, human beings will also be outfitted with a number of sensors which constantly collect data. This technology is already taking the fitness world by storm, with technology capable of monitoring blood pressure, steps and heart rate.

How far will this trend go? Soon, we’ll be able to analyse data on daily habits and health statistics at the tap of a button.

Big data

90% of data in the world has been created over the last two years, with information being produced at the speed of light and doubling in size every 40 months. So what happens to this data? Well, companies are storing it and capitalising on the information gathered. All the data collected will be valuable to marketeers, governments and scientists alike. Technology giants such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook are already collecting this data, finding new ways to utilise it.

How can organisations use this information? Depending on the data gathered, they can work out your gender, health history, where you shop, age, income, marital status and even your eating habits. Therefore, balancing all of this collected data with the human right for privacy will indeed be one of the most important and complex political challenges of the 21st century.