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5 Cloud computing trends to look out for in 2020

5 Cloud computing trends to look out for in 2020

Cloud hosting2020 is set to be one of the most exciting years yet for cloud innovations. With the growth of new technologies like AI and machine learning driving innovation, those in charge of managing IT infrastructures and delivering digital transformation now have more opportunities than ever – but with such rapid advancement, is the speed of innovation becoming a burden? Simply keeping on top of what’s out there and making the right decisions on future IT investment is a challenge in itself.

Here we’ve pulled together some of the key cloud industry hot topics and development areas that we believe will be important in 2020.

To help you stay on top of developments and make the right investment decisions for your organisation, we’ll be exploring many of these in more detail on our blog in 2020.

what-is-cloud-computing-part-1Cloud First Strategy

It wasn’t long ago that user-led smartphone browsing trends were driving the popularity of “mobile first” website design. We are now seeing increasing numbers of companies asking for a “cloud first” strategy mantra more when it comes to IT infrastructure planning and management.

For some organisations, “cloud first” thinking can be truly transformational, feeding into an organisational culture of collaboration and integrated service delivery (see below on cloud culture). Even at its basic level, the approach involves exploring how cloud based IT infrastructure design can drive efficiency, and bring cost savings and other benefits.

But is a cloud first strategy right for your organisation? Whether you are in the process of moving operations into the cloud or you intentionally employ a hybrid environment approach, you might find our “On premise Vs in the cloud” and “7 reasons you shouldn’t move to the cloud” blog posts a useful starting point.

AIOps for IT infrastructure monitoring and management

How do IT leaders provide business leaders with the actionable business intelligence and insights that will deliver the biggest impact? Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations is a hot topic right now, particularly in relation to application performance monitoring – some even argue that APM without AI is a waste of time.

As companies begin rolling out AIOps to carry out a number of functions from anomaly and threat detection and automatic escalation through to capacity optimisation and event correlation, it will be interesting to see what new developments 2020 brings.

infrastructure-as-a-service-ias-data-centreDataOps and DevOps

As organisations continue to grapple with turning (exponentially growing) big data opportunities into actionable intelligence and value, the emerging DataOps methodology may provide the light at the end of the tunnel.

In recent years, we’ve seen the integration of development and IT operations (DevOps). Now the DataOps approach takes that a step further, supporting development by bringing together DevOps with human data scientists and engineers. By aligning resources in a way that facilitates agile data management and automation, DataOps can help you better meet and achieve business goals. As a fast growth area for innovation, this will also be one to watch in 2020.

Machine learning and AI in the cloud

The cloud enables and facilitates access to intelligent capabilities like AI and machine learning, even for those without advanced data skills. Machine learning used to be too expensive for most enterprise budgets. But the cloud has brought down the cost, and made it more affordable – for example – to run tests and then scale up pilots. Thus we are now seeing a proliferation in machine learning and artificial intelligence being deployed across native cloud environments.

The big three providers – Amazon, Google and Microsoft – are all investing heavily in AI and machine learning, with Google’s CEO quoted as stating that the company is transitioning to an “AI-first” world. Keep an eye open for new developments in this area in 2020.

Cloud culture delivery

As IT professionals, we are already familiar with the ethos on which the cloud was built: collaboration; sharing; integration. But where we might see the transformational potential of the cloud, its effectiveness to deliver positive change might be thwarted where there is an organisational culture of silos working, internal competition, protectionism or secrecy – or simply a lack of digital skills.

We believe true digital transformation requires a cloud culture. But what do we mean by a “cloud culture”? This isn’t about moving all your operations to the cloud. It’s about a mindset; a culture shift. How can you change an organisational mindset to promote collaborative working, cloud thinking and the importance of digital capabilities across the organisation? Following on from our recent blog on how ethical data management can be a brand differentiator, we’ll be delving into the topic of digital transformation through cloud culture delivery in more detail soon.

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