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Software as a Service: 5 reasons to SaaS your software

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Software as a Service: 5 reasons to SaaS your software

Cloud Computing is currently one of the fastest growing I.T. technologies in the world and the ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) element of the Cloud is one of the main contributors to this growth.

Forrester research has recently stated that the Software as a Service market will increase by around 25% throughout 2013, up to an estimated value of $59 billion. By 2014 the market is expected to be valued as a $75 billion industry. Software as a Service

Software as a Service enables developers to deliver their software through the Cloud, typically as an Internet based solution, as opposed to a traditional physical installation.

One of the key drivers behind this growth is due to the variety of benefits that delivering software in this manner provides. These advantages are not only received by the end user, driving the growth, but the software developer themselves can also take advantage of a variety of business benefits.

So, why would an independent software developer wish do deploy their software through the Cloud?

1. Access to a new revenue stream

Through the constantly growing availability of the Internet, new business connections can be made every day, with international business significantly rising through the introduction of Cloud Computing technology. For SME’s in particular this new international revenue stream achieved through deploying their software through the Internet would have been previously unavailable, or at least have had a long and expensive sales cycle, as the business would have had to physically ship the installation files to the customer while also dealing with time barriers.

2. Shortened sales cycle and faster deployment

As mentioned above, through a SaaS solution the developer can avoid physically shipping the files to a customer, instead deploying the software quickly through the Cloud. As an additional advantage to this, a SaaS solution also enables the customer to efficiently test the software before they purchase it, adding a ‘try before you buy’ element to the service and ultimately shortening the buying process.

3. Protection of intellectual property

Copyright law can often be complex and confusing, especially in international markets. With a traditional physical solution the installation of software on a local machine could potentially cause a security risk to the developer’s intellectual property, as the binary code of the software could potentially be altered. Software deployment through the Cloud avoids this local installation, ensuring that the code is not altered.

4. Access to recurring revenue

Cloud Computing is an ‘as a service’ solution and customers pay for the facilities that they use on typically either a monthly or quarterly basis. Through a SaaS solution the developer would have access to a recurring revenue stream, as opposed to receiving a one off payment for the software.

5. Differentiate your business from competition

Software developers are active within an incredibly competitive industry and by offering a Cloud deployment method your business is either differentiating itself from competition or keeping up with competition.

It is clear to see for businesses that the future of I.T. is in the Cloud – for further information visit our Software as a Service solutions page.

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