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A day in the life of an apprentice

A day in the life of an apprentice

A blog by Megan Barnett, Business Administration Apprentice at virtualDCS.

You make decisions every single day, and throughout your lifetime you are guaranteed to make more decisions than the number of years you live.

However, I believe, a notable milestone in life and one of the most critical choices a young person can make when leaving school is whether or not to follow the majority of others and go to University, go straight to work or complete an apprenticeship.

virutaldcs technology apprentice

With my favourite piece of office equipment

For me, after weighing up all the financial options and the different lifestyles – being a bit gym obsessed and loving nothing more than the comfort of my own bed, university life just didn’t make the cut. Especially when you hear about the stereotypical ‘student life’ all over the news, which consists of consuming your body weight in alcohol and living off takeaways every day for three whole years.


If school has taught me anything it’s that I have always learnt by using a more hands-on approach and after 14 years in the education system, I was truly ready to bin my textbooks and remove the post-it notes that camouflaged my bedroom walls. This is what led me to the idea of an apprenticeship. I began to search for opportunities and discovered the company QA Apprenticeships. By the time my A-level exams were coming around I had already been interviewed, had completed a trial and accepted my new role as Business Administration Apprentice with virtualDCS.

Unlike many of my other classmates, I was ahead of the game, with a guaranteed job. Admittedly, this did make me stick out like a sore thumb and give me major FOMO (fear of missing out). Looking back, this was mainly for the nights out, however, virtualDCS has made sure that there are plenty of corporate nights out with new friends to keep me going.

People tend to assume that as an apprentice you only take on daily jobs like making brews, input data and use the photocopier. This couldn’t be further from the truth; as I mainly use the shredder.

company socials on my apprenticeship

One of many terrible pictures from company nights out.

On a more serious note, I have been equipped with the fundamentals of business/ finance and taken on a large part of the account’s activity. Performing tasks that have a direct impact on the business. All in all, every member of virtualDCS has made my first full-time job, dare I say…enjoyable.

I was provided with all the equipment and guidance essential for making a successful start to my apprenticeship and every employee charmingly welcomed me aboard and have assisted me with my many queries about the IT world.

Two months into my new role, I haven’t looked back or regretted my decision once but undeniably, there was a slight adjustment period. At first working 9-5:30 five days a week, combined with

sustaining my part-time job one day at the weekend, took some getting used to and I’d be lying / superhuman if I said it didn’t catch up with me.

Now a few months down the line and freshly adapted to my new working life and being ‘in the real world’ as my mother keeps reminding me I have happily settled in at virtualDCS.

I would highly encourage anyone who was in my position to stray away from the pack and think realistically as to what is going to benefit themselves in their future life.