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A Dragon in the Den

The Cloud Computing experts

A Dragon in the Den

In partnership with the University of Leeds, Cloud Computing expert Richard May will be judging students through a series of ‘Dragon’s Den presentations’ on the 8th May.

The programme, sponsored by Santander, aims to support key stage three learners from local schools to enhance their financial literacy and inspire business creativity. The event will aid pupils in making a connection between personal and business money management, higher education and the influence that financial decisions hold over life ventures. Richard May Cloud expert

Sarah Hearfield, Financial Literacy and Employability Officer for Leeds University said: “It is important to both the University of Leeds and Santander that we have a number of influential business representatives, from as many industry sectors as possible judging the students, so we are really pleased that Richard has agreed to share his experience as a Dragon on our panel. The support of local businesses, such as virtualDCS, is vital in ensuring that the event is a worth-while experience. The opportunity to present to industry experts, as opposed to lecturers, makes the experience much more ‘real’ and meaningful for the pupils.”

“At virtualDCS we try to be actively involved with community projects, so I was thrilled with the prospect of collaborating in such a unique event. In today’s current financial climate it is especially important that pupils gain knowledge on how to take charge of their finances and the day acts as a fun and unique way in which to achieve this” commented Richard May, founder of virtualDCS and a HEART/Leeds City Region Higher Level Skills Ambassador.

The event takes place on Wednesday the 8th May at the Leeds University Business School.

For more information on virtualDCS, its services and involvement in the event email marketing [ @ ] virtualdcs.co.uk or call 03453 888 327.

For further information on the event call Sarah Hearfield on 0113 3437654 or email S.L.Hearfield [ @ ] adm.leeds.ac.uk.

For further information on HEART/Higher Level Skill Ambassador activities call Ian McGregor Brown on 0113 343 2312, heart [ @ ] leeds.ac.uk.