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Ad injection software: one in 20 infected

Ad injection software: one in 20 infected

Google has recently announced a crackdown on software, removing deceptive and disruptive ad injection software extensions from its chrome web store.

What is ad injection software?

Ad injection software is also known as adware, which is software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material such as banners or pop-ups when a user is online.

Google discovered the issue after undertaking research and discovering that the software can either manifest as a browser extension or a standalone application. There is estimaad injection softwareted to be more than 50,000 browser extensions and 34,000 apps that inject ads into users’ browsers.

In its latest crackdown, Google has now removed almost 200 deceptive extensions from the web store and has started to display warnings to users who are unknowingly about to download this type of software.

Through its adwords service, Google has been able to take immediate action by updating its policies to make it more difficult for advertisers to promote unwanted software.

“Ad injectors’ businesses are built on a tangled web of different players in the online advertising economy,” he wrote. This complexity has made it difficult for the industry to understand this issue and help fix it. We hope our findings raise broad awareness of this problem and enable the online advertising industry to work together and tackle it. Commented Kurt Thomas, spokesperson for Google.