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What are the advantages of Application Hosting?

What are the advantages of Application Hosting?

A blog by Abigail Rice

Application hosting and Software as a Service (SaaS) is a profitable and growing market for developers around the world.

Working in the customer service department at virtualDCS, we get a lot of enquiries about the longevity of SaaS and its overall advantages.I thought I’d put a brief blog together explaining three reasons why I think the market sector is thriving and why businesses are taking advantage of the cloud and by utilising online application hosting.


Application HostingFirstly, users can access information from anywhere at any time, cloud subscribers can increase or decrease their resources according to customer demands and how much they want to spend. There is no longer the need to pay for services you don’t require as developers merely sign up for the specific IT functions they need. If needs change over time, they can simply upgrade or downgrade, so you don’t need to worry about running out of storage space or increasing your current storage space availability.

Ease of use

Developers can easily switch the applications they use every day to the cloud where users can access the software and edit their information via a reliable Internet connection. We actually have a free application hosting promotion to help developers migrate their services.

No capital expenditures on servers and software

For a developer, cloud Application hosting enables a significant reduction to IT infrastructure and support costs. As it is a rented solution there is no need for infrastructure investment and there are also fewer systems to administer and support overall.

With a hosted solution there are no depreciation costs, as the developer doesn’t need to replace obsolete hardware. Businesses can pay as they grow only renting the level of server capacity they actually need.

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