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Advantages of Cloud Computing in education

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Advantages of Cloud Computing in education

When discussing cloud computing, the majority of bloggers choose to write about the effects of cloud computing on businesses, but how does the cloud affect education? We’ve explored three ways that we believe cloud computing positively aids education.


cloud educationThrough Cloud Computing in education, both students and teachers can access their information on any device, from any location. Perfect for homework! This also elevates the need for students and teachers to carry around USB sticks, which may or may not need installing before using. They can access their documents straight from the cloud, instantly.

A time saver

As an extension from above, where students use tablets or laptops in lessons, there is now no need for teachers to print and bind documents for each student. Students can access and edit documents directly, saving both money and school office space.


Many teachers would like students to work together on projects, but with students in different classes at different times, this can be a problem. Through cloud computing technology, students can share their document changes and keep their team mates up to date with progress. Students can also submit data to their teachers through the cloud. This could be particularly useful for large projects.