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American Airlines grounded by iPad app error

American Airlines grounded by iPad app error

A faulty application caused dozens of the American Airline Aeroplanes to be grounded, causing some departure delays last night and this morning.

American AirlinesThe pilots and co-pilots use the application to view flight plans, as the organisation went paperless in 2013 in order to save staff carrying around paperwork. The move to a paperless organisation was also estimated to save the airline around $1.2 million in fuel each year. In addition to fuel costs, it’s also suggested that the kit reduces flight preparation times.

Other airlines, such as Delta, have also transferred into a paperless system. British Airways and Ryanair are also in the process of migrating to an electronic system.

A fix has now been found for the problem, with a spokesperson stating that the issue was with the application and not with the iPads. A spokesperson for the application, FliteDeck, stated:

“The issue was caused by a duplicate chart for Reagan National Airport in American’s chart database,” said Mike Pound. As the app couldn’t reconcile the duplicate which caused it to shut down.

“We were able to remedy the situation quickly, and instruct pilots to uninstall and reinstall the app. Until the chart database is updated, AA pilots flying to or from National will use PDF images of the chart, outside of the app.”