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An introduction to Private Clouds

An introduction to Private Clouds

What is a Private Cloud?

A Private Cloud is a virtualisation infrastructure that is completely dedicated to a business and can either be managed on-site or by a third party provider (for example, virtualDCS). Private Cloud Cmputing

Why do businesses use Private Clouds?

In order to establish why businesses seek a Private Cloud solution it is important to note the benefits of Cloud Computing technology alone, these include:

  • Increased flexibility, as users can access their information from anywhere in the world, at any time if an internet connection is available.
  • Virtualisation enables businesses to reduce the amount of hardware that is required to run the company, and the cost implications that accompany this.
  • The ‘economy of scale’ pricing system enables the business to only pay for the resources that they use, with the ability to upgrade or downgrade these resources as required.
  • Cloud Computing is a subscription based service, therefore the company has options to either pay on a monthly or quarterly basis. This decreases capital expenditure for the company as the service is paid as an operational cost.

The Cloud offers many advantages, but why would a company specifically use a Private Cloud?

Isolation from other companies

A Private Cloud provides a complete physical separation from other companies and this separation may be a legal requirement. By choosing a Private Cloud, the business receives all the benefits of virtualisation while still complying with legislative requirements.

Flexibility and independence

 A Private Cloud offers the company exclusive use of the equipment, where they can either maintain the infrastructure themselves or ask the Cloud provider to do so. If the business wants to maintain their own Private Cloud some suppliers provide on-site training for employees. Depending on your provider, support is also available if the business requires any further assistance or guidance.

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