virtualDCS Exclusive Portal Launch For Veeam & Microsoft Office 365

Date: Thursday 11th April at The Lost & Found Club, Leeds.

Spring is looming and as new beginnings are on the horizon, so is the release of our exclusive Microsoft Office 365 & Veeam Portal. After months of hard work and testing, we have successfully created a product that is exclusive to virtualDCS, eliminates privacy concerns and puts Office 365 at your fingertips.

Microsoft office 365 portal

The portal is the first of its kind and allows organisation administrators to manage the company’s Microsoft 365 Backups, without dependency on a service provider. In another first, the portal can also be completely white labelled for resellers. You can read about the full features and benefits of the portal here.

To officially launch the new solution, we have put together an exclusive event which is taking place on Thursday 11th April, and it is that exclusive we are hosting it at the Secret Bar at the Lost and Found Club.

We are going to be giving a live demonstration of the portal and will be hosting talks from exclusive guests including Microsoft and Veeam.

The event is free to attend, with networking, talks, coffee and bacon butties. If this launch is of interest to you, it might be worth checking it out sooner rather than later. There are only 30 tickets up for grabs, and we are offering them to all readers of our newsletter and blog.

 You can book your tickets on Eventbrite here, and we look forward to seeing you there!

For any further information, please contact virtualDCS on 03453 888 327 or email


Andrew Low joins virtualDCS in the Cloud

The cloud experts have started the New Year with a bang, welcoming Andrew to the ever-expanding team, in his new position as Business Development Manager.

Andrew has joined virtualDCS as a result of massive company growth throughout 2018, with the team’s innovative Veeam Cloud Connect solutions at the forefront of this development, after the company became the first Veeam service provider globally to offer Virtual Apple Mac Replication.

Andrew Low

Left to Right, Peter Bowers and Andrew Low.

“I am thrilled to be joining the virtualDCS team, and I’m looking forward to working with one of the oldest dedicated cloud computing companies in the marketplace.

I’ve seen first-hand how the team offers quality cloud solutions, with excellent customer service and I’m looking forward to helping more organisations experience the benefits of both the cloud and working with virtualDCS”, commented Andrew.

With over 25 years of experience within the IT sector, Andrew has worked in business development roles in a variety of service-based organisations, previously working with the virtualDCS directors at ICM Computer Group plc.

Having just exited his most recent role at the helm of a tech start-up, in which he was one of the early shareholders, it was a ‘no brainer’ to welcome Andrew into the virtualDCS family.

Peter Bowers, Sales Director for virtualDCS said: “We’re really excited to welcome Andrew to the team as a result of another fantastic year.

Not only will he be assisting with the business’s growth strategy, but he will also be ensuring that our company values and customer service remain high for all of our customers as we continue to expand our reach and services in 2019 and beyond.”

About virtualDCS
virtualDCS provides innovative, quality Cloud Computing and Disaster Recovery solutions to businesses worldwide. The team works in partnership with clients, listening to their business concerns and providing cloud solutions that exceed expectations.

For more information on Andrew, virtualDCS and its services visit, email or call 03453 888 327.

Don’t gift wrap your data for hackers this Christmas – invest in an off-site backup solution.

When you think about it, IT managers hold the fate of a business in their hands, after all, data is one of the most important assets to any business. This is why off-site backup is so important.

From customer databases, to purchase orders and to invoices, would your place of work still run effectively without it? Would customers complain? Would manufacturing be delayed, would deliveries slow? If a guaranteed level of service is given, would customers have to be compensated, what impact would this have on the business? Cash flow issues? Redundancies? All of this responsibility lies in the hands of the IT manager, who has to protect the business systems from hackers.

offsite backupHow does Ransomware work?

To ensure data is best protected, it is important to go back to the basics and acknowledge how it works. In its simplest form, Ransomware is infectious software that once opened on a device will encrypt data and block user access until a ransom for release is paid.

The ransom payment is typically requested in a cryptocurrency format, the most popular being Bitcoin, as it is incredibly difficult to trace these digital currencies and allows an extra layer of protection for the hackers.

Once exposed, the infection does not limit itself to one device and crawls along any associated networks, scouting all devices and data associated, finding as much information as possible before locking down and encrypting.

 Ransomware is currently one of the biggest threats to businesses worldwide.

The Internet organised crime threat assessment (IOCTA) recently published its 2018 Cybercrime report and has firmly placed Ransomware at the top of the list once more. Although the growth of Ransomware is now slowing down, it remains one of the most active hacking methods, with many criminals using data gathered from initial Ransomware infections to target users further.

Ransomware is not a new development it has been around for a while and has evolved from early threats like the Floppy disk Trojans of 1989. You can read about the evolution of ransomware in our infographic, but it has since developed into modern strands that include WanaCry and CryptoLocker, partly driven by the massive implementation of technology in our everyday lives.

Offsite data virtualDCS ChristmasI back up my data already, is it protected?

Yes and no. If backups are connected to your existing network, then you may as we hold up the white flag as these will be encrypted, along with the original data. The only way to ensure total data protection is to store your data away from the network, off-site.

Thanks to the cloud the process of migrating data off-site has never been simpler, and you do not have to think about the archaic tape-based solutions.

Additionally, for an extra layer of security, it is also advisable to limit employees that can access this data off-site to prevent insider attacks. It may sound like an obvious step, but given all the responsibilities the IT manager has, it can often be forgotten, with a staggering amount of organisations granting permissions that are not required.

The way forward

We have made it no secret that we think Veeam software is one of the most comprehensive business continuity solutions in the marketplace and using Veeam cloud connect to transfer data to one of virtualDCS’ secure off-site data centres means that data protection has never been simpler.

Ensuring data security

Ransomware threats combined with data adequacy and Brexit concerns mean that it has never been more important to know where your data is located. Storing data in the UK offers an additional layer of protection to businesses, and you can read about it in depth in our blog ‘Is your data at risk after Brexit? Five ways to protect it now’.

If you would like to speak to someone about your current disaster recovery plan and how you can future-proof your data contact the team on 03453 888 327 or email

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