Veeam Cloud Connect – Downloading and Applying Config File for OpenVPN

In this section, I am going to summarise how to download the config file for an Endpoint and how to apply it within the OpenVPN GUI.

Firstly, let us download the config file from the Veeam PN web portal. This can be done by the administrator under the ‘CLIENTS’ section of the portal. The ‘Download’ link next to each ‘Standalone’ client is the method used to download each config.


Veeam OpenVPN


Once downloaded and distributed, the user can apply the config to their OpenVPN software by implementing the following steps:


Search for the OpenVPN GUI

Veeam OpenVPN


In your taskbar, find the OpenVPN icon, right click and select ‘Import file’


Veeam OpenVPN


Once you select the provided. open file, you should see a ‘File imported successfully’ message.

Veeam OpenVPN

Upon failover, you should now be able to connect to the VPN. In the next chapter of this guide, we will perform a failover and confirm network connectivity can be established.


Testing Failover Plan / VPN Access

Now you are happy the VPN is ready for use by the End user and the replicated VMs are ready. You can test the failover plan to confirm everything works, as it should. To begin with, simply browse to your Failover Plan, right click, and select ‘Start’.


This will start the failover plan and begin to boot the VMs as configured by you within the Failover Plan. Once Veeam confirms the Failover Plan has finished, I would still give the Veeam PN appliance up to 5 minutes to boot as it can take a while.


The easiest way to confirm when the appliance is ready is to try to browse to the Veeam PN portal. This will be accessible on – https: // PUBLIC-IP-ADDRESS:6443


Veeam OpenVPN


Once you are happy, the portal is loading on port 6443. You can be happy the VPN is ready for use.

To connect to the VPN, the end user simply needs to right click on the OpenVPN icon and select ‘Connect’


Veeam OpenVPN


If the VPN successfully connects, you will see the following prompt appear:


Veeam OpenVPN


If this was only a test failover, you can now proceed with performing an ‘Undo’ so all changes are disregarded, however, you will know you’re ready in case of any disaster.

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