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BT broadband failure disturbs UK businesses

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BT broadband failure disturbs UK businesses

BT broadband users have now been hit by a second outage, following major problems with the service yesterday.

On Wednesday, hundreds of customers discovered that they were unable to visit selected websites and access some internet banking services. Unfortunately, both outages also affected data centres and businesses throughout the UK.

BT broadband outage


What caused these outages?

According to reports, Wednesday’s incident was due to a power failure at another ‘connection partner’ in London’s Docklands. With today’s incident being caused by a tripped circuit breaker in Telehouse North’s facility.

According to The Register, the following email was originally sent by BT Wholesale to alert customers to the issue:

Subject line: ‘Major Service Interruption’

“Due to a power incident at Telehouse North (London) IP Exchange Direct Access has been severely impacted since 07.45 this morning. Engineers are currently onsite attempting to resolve the issue.” 

The latest BT statement

BT has now commented on the power failure, stating that it was a substantial outage:

“We’re sorry that some BT and Plusnet customers are having problems connecting to some internet services this morning. One of our internet connection partners in the docklands has suffered a substantial power failure.

This is affecting BT and other providers. We are redirecting traffic to reduce the impact on customers. Engineers are on site and are fixing the problem.”

virtualDCS is currently working hand in hand with its customers to get their facilities back up and running as soon as possible. Please contact us for more information.