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Business benefits of application hosting in the cloud

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Business benefits of application hosting in the cloud

As an end user, I’m willing to bet that you’ve accessed at least five cloud hosted applications so far today.

From Facebook to Google Docs and email, cloud application hosting (Software as a Service), brings a new level of accessibility into our everyday lives.

Application hostingBy 2018 it is estimated that the global Software as a Service market will be worth $67B and cloud applications will account for 90% of mobile data traffic by 2019.

Application hosting is a win for both sides of the coin, with end users and businesses benefiting from the technology. End users are driving forward the Software as a Service industry by seeking benefits, such as the ability to receive regular updates and access software anywhere.

Software developers also receive their fair share of unique business benefits, including:

Reduced sales cycle

Unlike the traditional disk installation, with application hosting users can access software instantly, where it is already installed and configured. This benefits both parties as it reduces the time spent during installation, along with support time. It also offers the sales team an opportunity to provide ‘try before you buy’ promotions and shorten the sales cycle.

Reduced clutter and total cost of ownership

By renting cloud storage as opposed to purchasing and hosting their own, the software developer avoids the need to invest in physical hardware to host the solution. This not only frees up cash flow and reduces clutter around the office, but it also provides a more secure solution.

Reduce support costs

By hosting with a provider instead of purchasing, the developer also removes the need to hire someone to monitor and maintain the physical infrastructure. This will be completed by the provider as part of a regular service charge.

Growth and scalability

The developer can upscale or downscale their resources depending on the requirements of the customer and only pay for the resources that are being used. Prior to the cloud, developers would have had to plan for substantial growth and invest in hardware to manage this.

There are many more business and end user benefits to application hosting. If you’d like more information or to take part in our free software hosting trial contact a member of the team.