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Businesses should turn to cloud and SaaS for security

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Businesses should turn to cloud and SaaS for security

A new report by Kaspersky Lab claims that small and medium businesses are struggling to keep their organisations secure and are turning to SaaS for assistance.

The report concludes that this is due to tight budgets, small IT teams and an increase in cyber-attacks, with 66% of participants spending less than $1,000 a year on IT security, compared to 68% of enterprises that spend over $1 million each year.

saasPolling 4,395 executives over 25 countries, the report also finds that 55% of participants were concerned about BYOD adoption within their organisation and that 49% of businesses felt vulnerable because of security incidents affecting third-party cloud services.

Vladimir Zapolyansky, Head of SMB Marketing, Kaspersky Lab said:

“The report shows that SMBs currently face a number of challenges when it comes to protecting their businesses from security threats. On the one hand, they typically have a lack of resources, budgets and security expertise that can make them attractive to cybercriminals.

On the other hand, increasingly complex security environments resulting from trends such as the volume of mobile devices they need to protect requires action. This makes it all the more important to spend budgets wisely and look at other options for remaining vigilant and getting the protection they need, and by taking a SaaS approach to security, SMBs can take advantage of endpoint security solutions without having the hefty budgets of enterprise counterparts.”

40% of SMBs and 26% have VSBs have since agreed that outsourcing could be the answer and are actively looking to outsource software and IT infrastructure to third parties.