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BYOD cloud computing and the service desk

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BYOD cloud computing and the service desk

Bring your own device also known as BYOD, is the new hot topic around the Cloud.

Some industry experts are predicting that the BYOD cloud computing industry could see around 328 million workers by 2017. This is clearly a significant increase from 2014 where 175 million workers were using this technology.

Randstand Technologies has just published a compelling infographic called “The future of service desks: all about user experience.” The infographic discusses how cloud computing, mobile technology and social media are forcing IT help desks to grow and adapt to user expectations.

Some of the organisation’s predictions include:

  • Applications: There will be an increase in application usage, where users will be able to schedule appointments and check the status of their tickets.
  • Online chat: Users will be able to start instant conversations with specialists.
  • Social media: Forums and social media will be increasingly popular for brainstorming and receiving incoming service requests.
  • Traditional phone support will still be popular as some end users will still prefer to talk to a support team member.

See the Infographic below courtesy of Randstad.

BYOD cloud computing