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The cloud can help your business grow in 2018

Since its conception, the cloud has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes access a range of solutions and resources that were previously unavailable to them.

These benefits can directly impact an organisations growth in a number of ways.

Reduced costs and growth management

Overall, the cloud is much more cost-effective than traditional infrastructure solutions, especially for SMEs, as companies only have to pay for the resources they use. The cloud also eliminates the need for businesses to make extensive plans and predictions around their growth in order to ensure that their infrastructure can cope with it.

Prior to the cloud, a business would have needed to purchase the equipment outright in an effort to forecast this growth or continually add new resources to cope with it. Furthermore, in some cases, for an effective disaster recovery solution, they’d also have to create a duplicate infrastructure or rely on tape backups, which brings additional issues itself.

The cloud eradicates all these issues while freeing up cash flow, this means the company can manage their budget more effectively while investing these savings in other areas and avoiding concerns over unexpected growth.

Reduce staff costs

Maintaining a traditional infrastructure also comes with an additional expense, with organisations having to employ a third party or additional staff to maintain the equipment. With a cloud solution, this isn’t an issue as the infrastructure provider monitors and maintains the solution outright. Once again, this means a business can focus its attention and finances on other areas.

Few organisations can match the security and infrastructure investment of a cloud provider.


As long as you have an internet connection, the cloud enables you to access your data through on the move. This is perfect for employees that have to work at home or on the move as they can make the most of their time as they travel.

Not only this, but it can also help employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance which can help to improve moral overall.

Quick wins for developers

Similarly to above, if you’re a software developer you can also access new customers across the globe and offer free trials before they purchase. This can dramatically reduce your sales cycle and encourage growth.

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An introduction to Big Data – the basics, the benefits and the security.

‘Big Data’ is a concept so prominent that it has implications for everyone, from your Grandma to your CEO.

With the data centres of today occupying an area of land equal in size to almost 6,000 football fields, the world of technology is thriving. Advancements in cloud technology along with the easy access to the Internet has made the accessing, analyzing and storing of data simpler than catching a bus. So it only makes sense for all of us to have a working understanding of the concept.

A basic definition:

Big data s

‘Big Data’ is everything everyone in the world does that leaves a digital trace (or data trace) that can be used and analysed. Collecting data isn’t a modern advancement, we as humans have been collecting and sorting data as far back as 18,000 BCE. However, since then a few changes to the way collect it have been made. The speed and ease that we now gather the data at makes all the difference in the quantity we collect…and it’s this data that is shaping our world.

With the majority of the world now owning a mobile phone, laptop or tablet, we’re living more in the digital realm every day; from listening to music, taking pictures, talking on the phone and countless other activities. Using these technologies leaves a trail of data which is open to being analysed and accessed at the touch of a button.

One other significant change is the kind of data we analyse. It used to fit neatly into tables and spreadsheets, things like sales figures and wholesale prices. Now data analysts can look at ‘’unstructured’’ data such as photos, tweets, emails and voice recordings. So not only has the speed of accessing data improved the format is now wider as well. This you may find both interesting… and maybe a little scary.


The benefits of ‘Big Data’

The link between ‘Big Data’ and businesses show very real and truly remarkable benefits, helping companies to better understand and target customers. Using data, retailers can predict what products will sell, telecom companies can predict if and when a customer might switch carriers, and car insurance companies understand how well their customers actually drive.

Big data is also optimising business processes. Retailers are able to improve their stock levels based on what’s trending on social media, what people are searching for on the web or even weather forecasts. Supply chains can also be optimized so that delivery drivers use less gas and reach customers faster.



With the benefits this brings it demands high levels of security to protect it. As naturally, with the big benefits it provides, losing this data can result in big losses and it’s our job to protect it.

So what’s the solution? Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) with Veeam Cloud Connect keeps your data protected, recoverable and accessible no matter what. When paired together with virtualDCS, there is no defence so efficient.


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Do you have cloud superhero potential?

With virtualDCS, becoming an IT superhero isn’t as daunting as it seems and whether you realise it or not you’re already completing extraordinary feats.

You’re often already completing heroic tasks, rescuing customers and putting out multiple fires on a daily basis in an effort to keep your department running smoothly. We’re currently helping managers all over the world become cloud superheroes, with the ability to pilot their systems more efficiently, protect their business data and defeat potential threats.

As an IT manager do you have any of the following powers?

Super speed


Do you have the ability to jump great heights from one task to another? Managers often have to be able to flick between tasks, monitor systems and staff under rapid time constraints. If so, you’ve got super speed.


The IT world is constantly changing, do you have to learn new skills daily and frequently change your role to fit around new technology? You can shapeshift.

Super strength

Have you ever pulled all-nighters and spent hours in front of the PC to be able to solve customer issues? What about lifting heavy equipment? You’ve got super strength.

Super senses

Can you immediately tell when something is wrong? Do you have a funny feeling when something is about to break? Gut instinct can play a great role in being a superhero. You’ve got super sense.

League management

Do you have to manage a team of heroes, finding their hidden talents and helping them reach their potential, solving customer issues along the way? You’ve got the charisma.

Anyone has the potential to become an IT superhero, especially with our team on your side. With virtualDCS as a sidekick, we’re here to back you up and we can provide you with a number of tools to help, from infrastructure hosting to managed services and Veeam Cloud Connect.

To find out more about how we can help your department, contact us using the form below or calling 03453 888 327.


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