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72% of CIOs are leading the migration to cloud technology

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72% of CIOs are leading the migration to cloud technology

The latest survey completed by Unisys found that in almost three-quarters of firms the CIO is spearheading the transition to cloud technology.

cloud technologyThe report took responses from over 200 IT and business executives, examining which factors influenced cloud adoption within their organisations.

63% of those polled argued that cost reduction was a major influence towards adopting cloud technology and 42% of participants said that security was the biggest challenge. Overall, 67% of respondents said they believe that at least half of their IT resources will be in the cloud by 2018.

The ability to enable computing capacity on demand was voted for by 62% of participants, whilst freeing IT staff to complete other tasks received a 51% share.

Steve Nunn, Unisys representative said:

“This study shows that far-sighted CIOs have a clear view of the competitive, operational and economic benefits of cloud computing, and are taking energetic action to realise them for their organisations, at the same time, those decision makers are clear-eyed about the need to secure both existing IT and new cloud resources in order to protect vital business assets.”