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Cloud computing, the environment and the Internet of Things

Cloud computing, the environment and the Internet of Things

There is no shortage of articles on how the ‘Internet of Things’ can benefit businesses.

However little information is available on how this technology could benefit the wider environment and the world that we live in.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly growing concept, so much so that according to Forbes research, 87% of people haven’t heard the phrase before. This blog is going to take you back to the beginning.

What is the ‘Internet of things’?
In its simplest form, the IoT is where devices are connected to the Internet and/or to each other. These devices can include Coffee makers, Cars, Heating appliances, Lamps or wearable devices, and the Internet of Things enables them to connect and receive data between one and other.

Internet of thingsHow would this benefit an end user? Well, it would be incredibly useful if when you’re on the way home from work your car would automatically tell the house to put the heating on, so you didn’t have to leave it on all day.

What about if your alarm clock woke you up on a morning and, at the same time, set off the coffee machine, so when you got downstairs you had a perfect cup waiting for you.
Like cloud computing one of the underlying benefits is that the Internet of Things provides the opportunity for individuals and businesses to make the most of their time and increase efficiency.

Going green

Imagine a world where public transportation could be streamlined to avoid delays and commuters wouldn’t have to sit in traffic, wasting fuel and emissions.

Utilising the Internet of Things, a combination of sensors and applications could provide real time updates between systems over a variety of different industries, enabling them to become more efficient at once. This could theoretically lead to a drastic reduction in carbon emissions.

Due to the technology’s application in farming and transportation alone, it’s estimated that greenhouse gas emissions could be slashed by 7.1 billion tons by 2020.

A developing technology

Unfortunately, many of these concepts are still theoretical with the Internet of Things still in its infancy. Industry experts still need to explore how to offset the environmental impact of new wireless networks being created.

There may be a few issues along the way, but there are an infinite number of ways in which the Internet of Things can help both the environment and businesses worldwide. This blog is just the very tip of the iceberg when discussing the potential of the cloud and this technology.