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Cloud Computing and the Airline industry

Cloud Computing and the Airline industry

In such a competitive business environment, with rivals offering lower flights and services at every turn, it’s vital that all airline companies reduce costs and save money where they can. This is why airline industries are turning to enterprise cloud computing solutions.

Currently cloud computing predominantly benefits airlines in two areas; aircraft management and customer service. However new methods of cloud utilisation are being found every day.

Aircraft maintenance:

cloud computingTo provide an efficient and cost effective service, airlines need to be kept up to date with aircraft maintenance and to be able to order and replace any components needed. The airline also needs to keep focus on regulatory compliance, safety guidelines and servicing history. What better place to do this than through the cloud, where all information can be accessed from one central location anywhere in the world? WestJet, Virgin America and Endeavor Air are just three of the airlines that have reported adopting a cloud computing strategy to improve their productivity.

Customer service:

Luggage drop off points with label printing and self-boarding gates are just two of the improvements that the cloud has made to the airline industry. All customer details, including visa information and security clearances, are centrally located and validated. The data is accessible to staff, security members and passengers (as long as they are entitled to access the information).

It doesn’t matter how much information is stored on the system, as through the cloud the airline doesn’t need to purchase new hardware or employ new staff to expand the system. With the Cloud, upgrades and downgrades are instantly available through the service provider. Cloud computing technology can also be used within the industry for customer loyalty programs, emission controls and estimating travel times.

Within the airline industry, there are infinite uses for the cloud and it will clearly play a vital role in shaping the industry.