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Cloud Computing and the IT administrator

Cloud Computing and the IT administrator

IT administrators in organisations that make use of cloud computing technology argue that they spend less time doing mundane activities.

This is the key finding from the latest BetterCloud study. It also showed a clear trend of larger organisations migrating to cloud services such as Office 365, as opposed to small and medium enterprises running Google.
IT administratorThe organisation argues that through utilising cloud technology tasks such as scheduled and unscheduled maintenance are not as big of a factor in an IT admin’s day. 87% of respondents agreed with this statement.

Reportedly, less time is also being spent on storage and quote management (86%), data recovery (84%) and upgrades (88%).

Instead of these tasks, the survey shows that IT administrators are undertaking a wide variety of proactive and strategic roles. These include improving IT security and end user training. There is a correlation between cloud integration and the routine tasks administrators complete. For companies with all IT systems in the cloud 94% of admins agreed that it saves them time, compared with 78% of IT administrators within companies that expect a complete cloud migration by 2026.
The report concluded that cloud IT administrators need to prepare themselves for the changes to come and the potential expansion of the department’s role.
“Every admin has a different agenda depending on the needs of their organisation, but with more time and less busy work, cloud IT admins have an opportunity to become agents of innovation for their organisation and truly capitalise on their emerging role as leaders.”