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Cloud Computing and SaaS – connecting cities

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Cloud Computing and SaaS – connecting cities

Someone recently asked us to summarise the Cloud Computing industry and its development over the last 12 months. The catch… we only had to use one word. A variety of thoughts came to mind including ‘evolution’ and ‘collaboration’, but the word one that ultimately stood out for a number of reasons for us was ‘connectivity’.

Since its development Cloud Computing has had a major impact in shaping the world, bringing both individuals and businesses together. International business has increased dramatically through the use of virtualisation technology and as part of this, virtualDCS has witnessed an assortment of new international customers choosing to use our services, especially Software as a Service.

Software as a Service, also known as SaaS

SaaS software as a service connectivityConsequently through the power of Cloud Computing and the Internet our international customers are not only linked to virtualDCS, but they are also connected to their customers internationally, with the Cloud acting as a stepping stone through Software as a Service technology. For example Software developers can access the virtualDCS platform worldwide, which in turn enables them to deploy their software internationally, while ensuring that it remains secure.

Voice as a Service

Voice as a Service (also known as VoIP or VaaS) is another division of Cloud technology that is developing world communication. VaaS enables users to send and receive high quality calls via the Cloud, with a variety of additional features such as Instant Messenger and fax facilities, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional telephone solution. For businesses and consumers alike this lowers the cost of making international calls dramatically.

Desktop as a Service

The Cloud not only enables virtual connections to be made but physical meetings can also be held with greater ease. Through Desktop as a Service technology, such as Cloud Top, customers can access all of their files through the Cloud from any country which means that no matter where employees are based they still have access to the most up-to-date company material. Cloud Computing is making international business trips much more practical and efficient through connectivity.

The future of the Cloud

With the Cloud, individuals are truly connected and this is just the beginning. As Internet technology develops and virtualisation technology evolves further, the world will inevitably become metaphorically smaller, with I.T. progressively developing into being accessed as a utility.

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