As Quarter 1 has now come to a close, there has been a flurry of new market predictions and estimates coming to light.

This blog recaps a few of the latest, most intriguing Cloud Computing predictions for the rest of 2016 and beyond.


Microsoft’s Cloud landscape update anticipates that Worldwide Public IT Cloud services for 2018 will reach $127bn. They also predict that managed services alone will reach $256bn. The company foresees that emerging markets, such as Africa, will grow 1.8 times faster than developed markets and will account for 21.3% of Public Cloud opportunities in 2017.



TBR has also predicted that worldwide Public Cloud revenue will increase from $80bn in 2015 to $167bn by 2020. Research by the company also showed that 49% of the market believed that Public Cloud solutions were just as, or more secure than, Private Cloud solutions.

Looking into overall trends within the industry, TBR uncovered that the most important factors in cloud decision making include: Security (51%), Strong TCO proposition (27%), Speed of implementation (26%), Support/Managed services (26%) and User experience (25%).



IDC has predicted that Cloud IT infrastructure spending will grow to $53.1bn by 2019. The group continues to estimate that by 2019, 46% of total expenditures will be on enterprise IT infrastructure. Spending on Private Cloud IT infrastructure in 2015 will grow by 15.8% year over year to $12.1 billion, while spending on Public Cloud IT infrastructure will increase by 29.6% to $20.5 billion.


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