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Cloud Computing for start-up businesses

Cloud Computing for start-up businesses

Technology can help a start-up business thrive, but few know that it can also harm the business if you are unable to keep up with its latest advances.

For start-ups, the cloud is undoubtedly much cheaper and easier to use, with automatic patching and upgrades protecting users from the latest threats. Typically start-ups do not have the budget to set aside for a support engineer to maintain its IT facilities. In this instance, without a third party provider monitoring the service, the start-up could be subjected to numerous security threats that could cripple the business.

SME cloud computingThrough cloud computing services, rather than a start-up spending its money on IT hardware and staff, it can go ahead and focus on other essential priorities, by simply renting the IT services from a third party provider.

The start-up doesn’t have to purchase any software or equipment outright, which dramatically reduces capital expenditure, instead paying for a service on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

This helps to maintain a steady cash flow, which is vital for a start-up.

IT services which can be purchased through a cloud computing provider, include Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Recovery as a Service. Depending on your business goals you may need a personalised IT solution, a reliable and trusted cloud provider would be able to advise you on the best way forward in this scenario.

In order to select the right provider and get the most out of a cloud service, the following questions need to be asked.

  • Can we accept the terms and conditions?
  • How well is data protected?
  • Who can access the data?