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Cloud Computing in 2015: Onwards and upwards

Cloud Computing in 2015: Onwards and upwards

Having officially entered its teenage years, 2014 has been an exciting year for the Cloud. Looking back, it’s clear that innovation and acceptance have been the two key themes.

Due to its popularity and history, industries are more accepting of the technology, and the Cloud has now become the basic computing model. Consequently, in its new position, both businesses and providers consistently endeavoring to find new innovative ways to utilise it.

Next year promises to be another great year cloud computing in 2015for our sector, either you need to use it, or be part of it. To give you an idea of Cloud growth, Forbes predicts that by the end of 2015 Cloud will generate more than 14 million jobs worldwide, creating a range of positions in departments such as sales, marketing, I.T., finance, production and administration.

So, why should you move to the Cloud in 2015?

Isn’t it about time for an upgrade?

How is your old physical server doing, does it need a refresh? 70% of CXOs expect to see a complete or significant I.T. overhaul over the next three years.                                                                                       Dell also predicts that by 2016 x86 server virtualisation will double from 40 to 80%.

As physical servers are getting older and slowing down, instead of purchasing more physical hardware, businesses are realising the benefits of virtual solutions. Not only does going virtual reduce capital expenditure costs, but in 2012 68% of server-related expenses were actually spent on management. Why would you pay 68% more when you can outsource and have your I.T. services managed for you?

What ‘bugs?’

There are billions of people that use the Cloud, each and every day, many without even realising it! Are you worried about security? Well, bear in mind that few end user organisations can afford the platform security measures and equipment that Cloud providers can, so you’d actually be better off in the Cloud. As long as you have a reputable provider that you trust, don’t worry.

It’s all about efficiency.

With the Cloud, availability is drastically improved as users can access data on the move, anywhere in the world via an internet connection. If you can work on the move, there is an obvious increase in employee efficiency and as innovation is the theme of the Cloud, more and more methods of improving ways of working are being created daily.

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