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Cloud computing is now officially mainstream

The Cloud Computing experts

Cloud computing is now officially mainstream

An IDC survey uncovered that out of 6,100 organisations surveyed, 68% of respondents are using public, private or hybrid cloud solutions.

The survey was conducted in 31 countries and highlights a massive jump from 42% of respondents utilising the cloud in 2015. IDC claims that 3% of these businesses have deployed cloud-optimised strategies that have resulted in “superior business outcomes”.

Survey results

The most advantaged companies attribute $3m in additional revenues and $1m in cost savings. 29% of cloud adopters surveyed were currently using cloud-based Internet of Things applications. 48% surveyed viewed security as the main inhibitor to the cloud.

UK findings

Drilling down into the UK findings, IDC discovered that:

  • 33% of respondents had no cloud strategy in place at the moment.
  • 70% of the UK organisations surveyed are planning on implementing some form of cloud computing solution within their business.
  • 65% of businesses that did use the cloud in their organisation are using a hybrid cloud.

Full results are published in a Cisco-sponsored study entitled “Cloud Going Mainstream: All Are Trying, Some Are Benefiting; Few Are Maximising Value”.