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Cloud Computing soars in 2015

The Cloud Computing experts

Cloud Computing soars in 2015

Cloud Computing is currently the fastest growing division of IT infrastructure spending in the world.

The latest report from IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Infrastructure Tracker states that total cloud IT infrastructure spending will grow by 26.4% and reach a value of $33.4 billion by the end of 2015.

cloud migrationWithin these statistics, Private Cloud infrastructures are estimated to grow by an impressive figure of 16.8% and will consequently be estimated at a value of $11.7 billion.

Public Cloud spending is also predicted to increase to the value of $21.7 billion, with a market share of 32.3%.

Natalya Yezhkova, research director for storage systems with IDC told itbusiness.ca that:

“The breadth and width of cloud offerings only continue to grow, with an increasing universe of business- and consumer-oriented solutions being born in the cloud and/or served better by the cloud.

This growing demand from the end user side and expansion of cloud-based offerings from service providers will continue to fuel growth in spending on the underlying IT infrastructure in the foreseeable future.”

These statistics are also supported by the Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute’s recent report, where the findings show that patent deployment is highly concentrated within the computer technology field. This alone accounts for 81.1% of patents.

When combined with the four other technology related categories of ‘telecommunications’, ‘digital communication’, ‘audio visual technology’ and ‘basic communication processes’ consolidate the figure to reach 96.1% of all patents.

“This indicated that users are able to conduct digital communications with others on their devices with service content created by computing technology and audio-visual technology. Or, with service content created by computing technology and audio-visual technology, users are able to conduct digital communications on their devices and connect to data [centre] servers for computing and storage services,” says David Chen, senior industry analyst with MIC.