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Cloud computing to enable new business models

Cloud computing to enable new business models

200 business and IT executives were surveyed by Oxford Economics and SAP regarding the use of the ever increasing cloud computing technology.

The results were as follows:

  • 44% of enterprises are relying on cloud technology to help them to launch new models today, with this rising to 55% in another three years.
  • 69% of the enterprises surveyed expect over the next three years to make heavy investments as they use cloud technology in the core of their business functions.
  • 32% of enterprises streamline their supply chains with the use of cloud computing today, with predictions of a 24% increase over three years.
  • 59% use cloud technology for the use of managing and analysing data today.

cloud computingThis survey was compared to one completed back in 2012. Comparing the two surveys found that VP-level and C-level executives are more realistic and pragmatic in their viewing of what cloud technology has to offer. It is believed that enterprises are now more willing to create and launch their own business models with the overall goal of increasing revenue growth.

Key facts taken from the studies by Oxford Economics include: new Business Models will rise from 44% to 55% in three years. Top-line growth is also expected to increase over three years from 43% to 58% with a further increase in increased agility and responsiveness to customers from 40% to 57%.

Cloud computing it also expected to have an influence on new products/services that a business has to offer with it evidentially influencing 26% of products/services now which will rise to 61% in three years. New lines of business have also been influenced by cloud computing with 28% today rising to an increase of new lines to 51% in a further three years.