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Cloud Computing vs Snow

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Cloud Computing vs Snow

When anyone says, “It’s snowing!” IT managers and directors often shudder.

It is estimated that severe snow could cost the UK economy around £1,200,000,000 each day. With cancelled public transport and road accidents, many employees struggle to travel to work, and half of managers see the weather as a threat to their business.

cloud computing vs snowThanks to advances in cloud computing technology, this no longer has to be the case. As long as employees have access to an internet connection and an appropriate device, they can access their work systems from home (or even during a break in their disrupted journey to work), keeping the business available, and as productive as always.

76% of workers feel that the ability to work away from the office but remain in contact with other employees is a positive development. Furthermore, studies have shown that home workers can actually be MORE productive than those working in the office!

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In the case of Cloud Computing vs Snow, Cloud Computing wins every time.