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Cloud Computing wins Gold at the Olympics

Cloud Computing wins Gold at the Olympics

As the Olympic Games draw nearer, UK businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about the potential business disruptions that the celebration may cause.

Cloud Computing OlympicsThere have already been growing concerns about travel in and around London during the games. With a recent survey conducted by the Confederation of British Industry, claiming that only 37% of the 250 London based businesses surveyed were confident about managing potential transport and logistics issues.

During the Olympic period many companies are now urging staff to change their working hours, or to work from home in an attempt to prevent transport delays and a further loss of staff resources. In light of this situation, businesses are now turning to a Cloud solution.

Cloud Computing is providing businesses with the ideal platform to mitigate these business disruptions, while empowering employees to work on the move. Through virtualisation technology, businesses can access their desktop, data and work resources from anywhere in the world, as long as an Internet connection is available. The employee would also have access to all the software programs that they require, such as Sage and Goldmine, along with any bespoke business solutions.

Richard May, Managing Director of virtualDCS said: “For many reasons, 2012 has been a year of celebration for the UK, however business are now realising the impact that this may have on business productivity and the UK economy. Here at virtualDCS, we are more than happy to provide concerned companies with advice and solutions in order to remain productive during the celebrations.”

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