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Cloud Computing – myth vs reality

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Cloud Computing – myth vs reality

The Cloud is in the sky

According to a recent study by Citrix, one in every two people think that the ‘Cloud’ in Cloud Computing is literally a Cloud in the sky. When discussed in conversation, 56% of individuals also pretended to know what the Cloud was.

cloud computingIf you are unsure, ‘Cloud’ is simply a metaphor for the Internet, it helps us to visualise the Internet and the services which are provided through it. In fact, Cloud platforms are typically held in secure data centres.

Please see our page ‘what is Cloud Computing?’ if you would like an in-depth explanation of each Cloud service.

The Cloud is too expensive

Despite using the latest technology, the Cloud is more cost-effective for businesses than a traditional I.T. infrastructure, as you only pay for the resources you use. It also reduces the need to purchase new servers if one reaches its capacity, not to mention the on-going cost of monitoring these servers and paying for the staff to manage them.

The Cloud is not secure

Many assume that the Cloud is not secure, however, as Cloud providers are supplying a service to multiple businesses it is vital that the platform is protected with the best technology. As there are also support engineers consistently monitoring the service, there is always someone to hand if any issues should arise.

Not only does the Cloud have sophisticated virtual security, it is also stored in industry standard data centres, which offers an unprecedented level of protection over servers stored in a business premises. This is combined with continuity plans to ensure that your data is consistently available, including backup generators and multiple Internet connections.