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Cloud providers join forces over US government surveillance power

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Cloud providers join forces over US government surveillance power

Cloud providers throughout the world are battling against the US government in an effort to stop it seizing data without informing customers.

US GovernmentMicrosoft has been backed by technology companies and US corporations in legal action against the US government over laws that could have major implications for the development of cloud computing. Supporting companies include Apple, Google, Amazon, Fox News and BP America.

The laws would allow the US government to gather information which is hosted on third party computers, while also stopping the hosting company from informing its customers about the seizure. Microsoft has stated that so far it has been subjected to 2,600 court orders over an 18 month period.

The tech group have stated that the law violates the Fourth Amendment, prohibiting unreasonable searches and seizures. The US Justice Department has argued that Microsoft has no right to create a case due to the strong public interest in law enforcement agencies keeping criminal investigations confidential.

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