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Companies are losing business by using traditional phones

Companies are losing business by using traditional phones

It’s time to optimise your calls for remote working.

Remote working presents us with many new challenges. One of the toughest is finding the best way to communicate, both internally and externally.

With more of us working remotely, getting hold of people can be difficult. Often, the number we have for a contact is a mobile, or a sales or customer service line which might not be answered, or won’t take us directly to the person we need.

The following scenario may be familiar. You’re trying to call a customer you haven’t been in touch with for a while. In the current climate, you’re not sure if they are at their desk or at home. So you try their mobile – but they don’t answer.

Meanwhile, here’s what’s happening at their end. While you are calling them, they are on a Teams call with one of their customers. Their mobile starts ringing – interrupting their Teams session – and they ignore it so they can continue their meeting. They’re annoyed at the interruption and you fail to make the connection. It is a scenario that isn’t good for anyone’s business.

So is there a better way to optimise how you make voice and video calls while working remotely? At virtualDCS, we think that there is.

A better way to communicate for remote workers

As a Microsoft reseller and VOIP reseller , we are big believers in the benefits of using Microsoft Teams. It is a software solution that is now used across the board by many businesses for their remote workers. And now, with its new in-built call functionality, it is an even more convenient option.

Microsoft Teams Calling allows you to call directly from Teams, or your mobile. Because it is fully integrated as a part of Microsoft Teams, it means that you can easily let other people know when you are free or not. And by using the Microsoft 365 Business Voice add-on, you can now replace your traditional phone system with this Microsoft Teams-based solution. Whilst taking advantage of amazing call packages which are far more cost effective than a Microsoft one.

Microsoft Teams Calling is now our first choice for calls

That is exactly what we have done here at virtualDCS. We have now switched completely to using Microsoft Teams Calling to make and receive all of our calls. So why have we done this?

Firstly, using Microsoft Teams for internal calls makes it a lot easier to see if people are available, thanks to its status functionality, which shows if you’re in a meeting or not. This feature alone is one of the biggest reasons we now use it internally.

Secondly, using it externally means that we don’t need to find a mobile number or go through a sales or customer service line in order to ask for the relevant person.

The beauty of Microsoft Teams is that everything is connected to the person, not their phone number. This means that it is much easier for someone to contact you wherever you are – whether in the car, on your mobile, at your desk in the office or at home. It no longer matters if desk or mobile number details have changed. Your identity always stays the same – clearly a huge advantage when working remotely.

The virtualDCS, Microsoft Teams solution can also enhance you teams experience by providing full Voice Recording, Analysis Wall Boards, Contact Centre functions and reporting


A seamless, integrated solution

There are plenty of other advantages to using Microsoft Teams for calls too. Because the call function is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams, it means if you are on a Teams call you won’t be interrupted. Other people can see you are in a meeting, which they would not be able to do if they were using a mobile.

Microsoft has also just released CarPlay integration for Microsoft Teams. This means that if someone calls you while you are driving you can still enjoy all of the Teams functionality available at your desk.

In addition, Microsoft Teams Calling has all the flexibility and functionality you expect of VOIP systems. You can set up call groups, and determine who calls go to first. It also makes it simple to transfer calls across a team, as you can quickly see who is and isn’t available internally or externally at any time.

Ultimately, using Microsoft Teams for calls makes financial sense too. A huge amount of business is lost simply because people are unable to contact who they need to. Calling via Microsoft Teams makes that far less likely.

Microsoft Teams calls from virtualDCS are no more expensive than a traditional VOIP system either. But crucially, they are far better integrated into a system that has already proven its worth over the last year. And there is also no need for a company to invest in multiple headsets in order to be compatible with different systems.

Ultimately, the bottom line is that Microsoft Teams takes you one step closer to getting hold of the person you want to speak to. And as remote working looks set to stay for the foreseeable future, that is going to be more valuable than ever.

Need some help?

If you manage the IT for an organisation and you would like to find out more about how integrated Microsoft Teams calls can help your business to communicate, then we can help you out.

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