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Confident in your Disaster Recovery plan?

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Confident in your Disaster Recovery plan?

Despite an increase in Disaster Recovery testing over the last 12 months, confidence in Business Continuity plans for UK firms is at an all-time low.

The latest data health check report from Databarracks surveyed 350 UK IT decision makers, highlighting their experience while protecting their organisation’s IT services over the last 12 months.

disaster recoveryThe report uncovered that 45% of organisations have tested their disaster recovery strategy in the last year, of those who haven’t, 18% currently have plans to do so.

Despite this being higher than the previous year, only 32% of organisations were ‘very confident’ in their recovery plans. This figure has fallen from 41% in the previous year. Participants that ‘had concerns’ or were ‘not confident at all’ had also increased to 15% from 11% last year.

Oscar Arean from Databarracks, said: “Of course, with more testing, an organisation will have a much better awareness of its own possible shortcomings as well as an appreciation for the risks and threats it faces. With the right planning and the right tools in place, there isn’t a reason for organisations to have any doubt in their ability to recover from a disaster, and quickly.”

Additional findings from the report include:

  • The leading cause of data loss remains to be human error with a figure of 23%.
  • In 6 years there has been a significant increase in organisations with business continuity plans – up from 37% to 65%.
  • Barriers to improving RTO included ‘financial constraints (27%) and technology constraints (26%).

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