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Leeds IT hosting and cloud computing services launched by virtualDCS

Leeds IT hosting and cloud computing services launched by virtualDCS

Businesses in the UK no longer need to own and maintain large, expensive, electricity draining server rooms or worry about recovering data following a disaster thanks to new services being offered by Leeds IT hosting company virtualDCS.

Just as a century ago companies stopped generating their own power through steam engines and plugged into the electricity grid, businesses today can dispense with their servers and access all of their information by placing it within secure data centres connected to the internet’s global computing network.

This is called ‘cloud computing’ and virtualDCS utilises the technology to provide hosting and disaster recovery services which provide businesses with significant cost savings and improved IT availability. Cloud computing is growing quickly and is being adopted by the UK Government to help it save 20 per cent of its IT budget whilst Microsoft has recently launched a cloud version of its Office software.

Richard May, director of the Leeds IT hosting company virtualDCS, explained: “Cloud computing is rapidly shifting the way in which businesses manage their IT and it presents significant commercial opportunities. Using cloud computing immediately cuts capital expenditure as the expensive hardware traditionally required is not needed.

“The use of cloud-based hardware also provides unprecedented availability and scalability. Additionally, cloud computing has been proven to be 80 per cent more energy efficient than using physical servers.

“Concerns over security due to hosting sensitive information on the cloud are common, and our proven security framework helps us to regularly win business from our competitors. By choosing to embrace cloud computing from virtualDCS, businesses will make themselves more cost effective, responsive and flexible which are all attributes thathelp underpin growth.”

virtualDCS was established in 2008 by Richard May and John Murray who were previously architects of the hosting services business for a FTSE-listed IT services provider. They formed virtualDCS to give clarity to cloud computing by confidently delivering robust services underpinned by outstanding levels of client care.