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Could your business survive if your office didn’t?

Could your business survive if your office didn’t?

It’s hard to imagine losing your entire physical business and everything inside it, but unfortunately for many unprepared businesses this is often a reality. You can avoid this with a Disaster Recovery plan.

In 2014, there were eight climate related events which caused losses of over $1 billion in the United States. Naturally, these catastrophic events are not only isolated to the US. Power cuts, fires, floods and other unavoidable events are also causing problems for businesses in the United Kingdom.

Disaster recovery planWhile you could rest your business future on the strength of sandbags, cloud computing technology offers a more efficient and cost effective method of protecting your data. By utilising the cloud, your files can be replicated to an offsite data centre location, miles away from the office. You can even choose to back up the information to more than one data centre, spread around the UK in order to ensure complete protection.

The first step you can make is to put together a complete disaster recovery plan, working out what data that your business can’t live without and how long you could manage without it for. When you’ve assessed these priorities you can speak to a cloud provider to discuss a tailored solution. For example, would you be happy with your data being backed up every 24 hours, or would it need to be replicated instantly?

Once an effective plan is in place, if anything does happen to your physical office then you don’t need to worry, as not only will you have access to all your business files, but employees can also access them through the internet, ensuring they remain productive.

Through cloud computing technology, businesses can thrive even if there is a disruption to its physical location. For more information on how the cloud can protect your business, please talk to a member of the virtualDCS team.