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Could your data centre withstand a natural disaster?

Could your data centre withstand a natural disaster?

Recent research from Zenium Technology partners has uncovered that one in two organisations are failing to operate from a data centre that can withstand a natural disaster.

Its ‘Managing Growth, Risk and the Cloud’ report found businesses to date have suffered around five incidents on average, in total with their data centre.

data centre floodingDespite these figures, participants still had high confidence in the security of their chosen data centre, finding that:

  • 45% of participants still insisted that their data centre was flood resistant
  • 43% of participants stated that their data centre was officially earthquake resistant
  • 60% of participants believed their data centre was located in an area away from environmental hazards.

For companies that had experienced disruptions with their data centre, 91% of these had confirmed that it has come at a loss to their business. A third of these participants were unaware of how much they had lost during the outages and for those who did know, the highest figure was cited at £500,000.

No matter how many contingency plans your organisation puts in place, there is always the possibility of something unexpected slipping through the net which is why your organisation should have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place.

Depending on how much you risk to lose in the event of a disaster, it may be worth considering replicating your data across two off-site data centres as opposed to the one. Having two geographically diverse locations can further limit the chance of a natural disaster affecting your organisation.

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