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Developers who SaaS benefit from continued growth

Developers who SaaS benefit from continued growth

New research shows that SaaS application use has increased by 33% alone over the last year.

On average every company now uses 16 SaaS applications, according to BetterCloud’s 2017 workplace report. Companies also displayed a long-term commitment to SaaS technology, with nearly 75% of participants estimating that by 2020 that 80% or more of their workplace applications will be SaaS-based.

Why are businesses leaning toward SaaS technology?

saas software as a serviceSoftware as a Service is providing incredible benefits to end users, one major advantage is that customers can lower initial costs and free their capital expenses by paying on a subscription based service. End users also have access to the latest versions of software, can scale services as required and also free up IT department installation time.

Why would I SaaS my software?

For a start, it’s clear to say that SaaS solutions are showing no sign of slowing down and customers are effectively driving the market forward. Currently, the cloud shift rate through to 2020 for SaaS is three times faster than Platform as a Service technology and two times faster than Infrastructure as a Service technology. The overall trend is leading more developers to SaaS their software in an effort to keep up with both consumer demand and the competition.

From a developer view, partnering with a cloud provider to deliver software online offers a number of benefits such as a reduction in sales time, eliminating capital expenditure and lowering the overall total cost of ownership. In addition to this, few organisations can match the infrastructure and security investments that are made by SaaS vendors, so your application and customers are effectively safer.

How can I SaaS my software?

Deploying your software through the cloud has never been easier, especially with virtualDCS. We’ve put together a Software as a Service enablement package that provides a free proof of concept, pay as you grow hosting solutions, business advice and free evaluation servers.

If you’d like more information on how to deploy and sell your software online, contact the team on 03453 888 327 or email enquiries@virtualDCS.co.uk