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Disaster Recovery: back up your data or lose it forever

Disaster Recovery: back up your data or lose it forever

Tuesday 31st March 2015 was the annual ‘world backup day’ which helps to create awareness of the importance of backing up both your personal and corporate files.

Disaster-recoverySome individuals may choose to simply backup important images or videos, whereas IT managers may need to backup entire servers full of information.

According to a recent infographic from CloudWards, 30 billion dollars is wasted on lost devices worldwide each year, with 29% of losses happening because of an accident.

The infographic goes on to state that 113 smartphones are stolen every minute of every day, the majority of which hold unrecoverable data and over 20% of people NEVER backup at all.

Online security is also highlighted as a vital barrier to protecting your data, particularly for organisations, as hacking accounts for a total of 67% of business data loss. Backing up entire servers may seem like a daunting task initially, but when threatened with this amount of data loss, something needs to be done.

Cloud Computing is eliminating the intimidating task of backing up large volumes of data, through solutions such as ‘Recovery as a Service’. Recovery as a Service, also known as RaaS, is a method of disaster recovery that offers improved benefits over traditional solutions.

There are numerous ways in which RaaS can be incorporated into an organisation, depending on the company’s requirements, but one of the most popular solutions is real time replication through the internet. Information from the servers is consistently duplicated to offsite data centres, where in the event of a disaster the business information is available and ready to access.

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