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Disaster Recovery: Don’t fail to protect your business.

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Disaster Recovery: Don’t fail to protect your business.

A recent survey by Timico, has brought to light the tremendous financial costs that IT managers are facing when their business is subject to an unexpected downtime.

Disaster RecoveryOut of the managers surveyed, 37% estimated that the cost per minute of downtime that they face is around £10,000 to £20,000. Imagine if one of these organisations had a recovery time objective of over two hours, the consequences could be disastrous.

The study went on to say that 24% of participants had experienced an outage within the past month, with over 70% admitting that they have never worked out the cost of that outage to the organisation.

Research also highlighted that over 60% of SMEs had no form of cloud-based disaster recovery in their business, with a small minority of respondents admitting that they have never backed up their data at all.


Why use cloud based Disaster Recovery?

To save an organisation thousands of pounds in both wasted employee salaries and production failures, you need a disaster recovery strategy in place.

Traditionally, tape based disaster recovery solutions were the answer, where managers would physically back up data to a tape and transport it to an offsite location. Thanks to cloud computing, businesses now have access to a faster, safer and more versatile disaster recovery method.

TwinStrata conducted a similar survey where they found that 12% of respondents expected that they could recover from a disaster within a few hours. Given the same situation, Cloud users were convinced they were twice as likely to recover in that time frame.

Believe it or not there is a war going on between cloud providers for your business. An increase in popularity means that providers are consistently trying to deliver more effective and efficient services, whilst also cutting costs during the process. When considering the time it would take an IT manager to monitor and maintain a tape based solution, it makes much more sense to explore the cloud.