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Disaster Recovery for Private Clouds

Disaster Recovery for Private Clouds

A recent CloudEndure report assesses industry Disaster Recovery plans for Public Cloud solutions. The report finds that a key risk to cloud computing system availability remains human error.

Interviewing 116 IT professionals, the report examines the various disaster recovery protocols that businesses have in place for their Private Cloud Solutions. The results find that organisations believe human error accounts for the majority of failures in cloud computing, above external threats and any cloud provider downtime.

Disaster Recovery planning

Interestingly, the majority of businesses surveyed had a Service Level Agreement (SLA) goal of at least 99.9%, but evidently some of their cloud providers have difficulty translating this SLA into actual results as 44% of firms stated that they have had at least one outage over the last three months.

Despite the expected SLA, only 9% of participants stated that their systems have never failed and shockingly, 26% of firms don’t measure their service availability at all.

Disaster Recovery measurement

The report finds a strong correlation between the cost of downtime and the average hours each week invested in disaster recovery planning, with larger businesses spending more time protecting their data. Remote storage backup is the most frequently used strategy to ensure system availability, ahead of storage replication.

The report also shows that the top challenges in meeting availability goals are insufficient IT resources, budget limitations and the limited ability to prevent software bugs.