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Disaster Recovery in three steps

Disaster Recovery in three steps

Protecting your business information is as easy as 1, 2, 3. So why not this year the year your business finally protects its assets?

Did you know that according to FEMA, almost 40% of SMBs never reopen following a disaster? With new innovations such as Veeam Cloud Connect, there’s no excuse not to protect your data. We’ve compiled a three-step process to help you avoid being one of these businesses and to assist in evaluating your Business Continuity requirements.

Disaster Recovery - Veeam Cloud ConnectStep 1: Evaluate potential threats

The first step is to think of all the potential disasters that could cause issues within your business. Think about fires, flooding, strong winds, human error, IT incidents and power cuts. A lot of these issues can be reduced significantly, simply by assigning internal roles to employees and providing health and safety workshops.

Step 2: Analyse the impact

The second step is to think about how these potential disasters would impact the business. The first thing to do is to take a look at the core business functions and identify the systems and information that your business would need to operate.

Step 3: Develop the plan

Once you have a clear image of your business weaknesses you can develop your disaster recovery plan. Your strategy needs to discuss how to restore your business to normal operations, including your data, services, facilities and people. Once you have a clear disaster recovery plan in place, share your plans with others in your organisation, test and refine these solutions.
virtualDCS can help you put together a disaster recovery strategy based on your business requirements, and depending on your needs you and your data could be back up and running within minutes.

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