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Do you have cloud superhero potential?

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Do you have cloud superhero potential?

With virtualDCS, becoming an IT superhero isn’t as daunting as it seems and whether you realise it or not you’re already completing extraordinary feats.

You’re often already completing heroic tasks, rescuing customers and putting out multiple fires on a daily basis in an effort to keep your department running smoothly. We’re currently helping managers all over the world become cloud superheroes, with the ability to pilot their systems more efficiently, protect their business data and defeat potential threats.

As an IT manager do you have any of the following powers?

Super speed


Do you have the ability to jump great heights from one task to another? Managers often have to be able to flick between tasks, monitor systems and staff under rapid time constraints. If so, you’ve got super speed.


The IT world is constantly changing, do you have to learn new skills daily and frequently change your role to fit around new technology? You can shapeshift.

Super strength

Have you ever pulled all-nighters and spent hours in front of the PC to be able to solve customer issues? What about lifting heavy equipment? You’ve got super strength.

Super senses

Can you immediately tell when something is wrong? Do you have a funny feeling when something is about to break? Gut instinct can play a great role in being a superhero. You’ve got super sense.

League management

Do you have to manage a team of heroes, finding their hidden talents and helping them reach their potential, solving customer issues along the way? You’ve got the charisma.

Anyone has the potential to become an IT superhero, especially with our team on your side. With virtualDCS as a sidekick, we’re here to back you up and we can provide you with a number of tools to help, from infrastructure hosting to managed services and Veeam Cloud Connect.

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