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Ensuring your private cloud is a success

Ensuring your private cloud is a success

Gartner analyst Tom Bitman recently posted a blog on the top six reasons that private clouds fail to work. He states that 95% respondents in a recent Gartner survey said that some aspect of their private cloud had gone wrong.  The responses were as follows.

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We decided to take put a positive spin on this blog and discuss some key points that, when followed correctly, will ensure the success of your solution.

Get the right level of service

When selecting a private cloud solution, many organisations assume that everything will be monitored and maintained by the service provider, with access to all features of the cloud. This is not necessarily true and is down to the individual contract and your requirements. If you create and manage your own private cloud internally, the organisation won’t have access to instantly scalable resources or automatic patching. This would have to be planned and discussed internally, so it’s important to analyse expectations before migrating to the cloud.

Do you have the right team? If you are creating and maintaining a private cloud internally, you need to ensure that both the infrastructure and operations team is highly skilled and capable of working together. Failure to gather a successful team is the first step towards an unsuccessful solution.

Focus on all the benefits

The cloud is famous for saving organisations money through its pay as you grow services, but internally managed private clouds can be more expensive to manage and maintain. It’s important to focus on all of the benefits that a cloud solution offers, not just the money saving aspect.

Review the processes

There is no point revamping all internal IT systems and expecting an improvement without analysing the existing processes. One of the first steps to take before implementing a solution is to review the way that employees already work, to identify what is important to both them and the business.