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Finding the right Disaster Recovery provider

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Finding the right Disaster Recovery provider

Each year the cloud computing market expands offering new and creative Disaster Recovery solutions, such as Veeam cloud connect, to customers worldwide.

As the cloud grows and solutions expand businesses can often get lost in a haze of options, especially around Disaster Recovery.

Consequently, many businesses are not asking the right questions when qualifying Business Continuity partners. This blog is designed to highlight some key elements for you to consider when vetting a new Disaster Recovery solutions partner.


When you’re considering trusting all your confidential information to a supplier, one of the first things you should do is consider accreditations. Accreditations act as an industry standard so you can be confident in the level of data security provided. It’s vital for your peace of mind that the organisation has at least an ISO 27001 standard.

Key locations

disaster recoveryEven though your data is stored ‘in the cloud’ I’m sure you know that it actually resides somewhere in a physical data centre which is selected by your provider. In light of this, it’s important that you know the location where your data would be stored.

For example, would your information be subject to the US Patriot Act? Is the data centre in a low-risk area or is it susceptible to natural disasters such as floods? If an incident were to happen, would the data be available in a second location?


Another valuable piece of the puzzle is experience, for many asking for references is an obvious and basic step, but it’s surprising how many companies still don’t do this. With many cloud services now being automated, it’s easy to see why this vital step would be missed out, especially when companies are displaying accreditations and alleged testimonials online.


You should also consider the support levels that your provider offers. Is the support team based in the same time zone as you? Can you speak to them over the phone or is it an email support system?

What are the SLAs for the support team? Are the answers to these questions acceptable to your business? In the least, they should be able to help you narrow down a potential partner.

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