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virtualDCS team sets up in second Data Centre

The Cloud Computing experts

virtualDCS team sets up in second Data Centre

The Cloud Computing Experts have expanded into a new Leeds based data centre in order to continue their growth and strengthen their relationship with the Yorkshire region.

The virtualDCS team purposely selected a location in Leeds, as they are proud of their Yorkshire enterprise hosting history and wish to continue their growth within the region.

Richard May, Managing Director of virtualDCS said: “Since our business was established in 2008 we have had 100% growth rate each financial year, with four new members joining the team in 2011. The Yorkshire region has been good to us and we wanted to continue our contribution to the local economy.”

Data CentreRichard continued to say: “Our expansion into a second data centre means that we can continue to offer high levels of service to even more businesses as the Cloud Computing industry grows. All of our solutions are tailored towards the individual needs of a business, and the move into a second data centre allows us to offer an additional layer of protection to our already incredibly resilient platform.”

The founders of virtualDCS have pioneered the development of the Cloud Computing industry for over a decade.  As one of the first companies dedicated to Cloud services in the world, businesses can be confident that they will only receive the finest solutions. Their approach is to work in partnership with clients to ensure that their infrastructure is ready to exceed the service levels demanded by their business. The company’s existing customers include global recruitment business IHR Group, recruitment consultancy Work Group and Yorkshire law firm Clarion.

For further information email enquiries@virtualdcs.co.uk or call 03453 888 327.