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Google Glass is back

Google Glass is back

Google Glass, the head mounted computer is returning to the market for a new business audience.

The low key relaunch has occurred six months after Google announced that the device would cease production in its present form. Originally, when the product was targeted at consumers, there were particular concerns around privacy with users wearing a head mounted camera in public places, along with the short battery life of the item.

google glassThe company may once again release a new consumer version of the headset in future, but for now the device is aimed exclusively at business consumers that would directly benefit from wearing a mounted display.

The healthcare, manufacturing and energy industries are now of particular interest to Google as the initial consumer launch showed that surgeons have widely adopted the product, taking advantage of its voice controlled and hands free screen.

The new Enterprise Edition of Google Glass reportedly comes with support for a bigger battery pack, faster next-generation Wi-Fi technology and better heat management. More information is expected to be released soon.